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Group Your Cards in Microsoft Sway

Explore how you can group your Cards in Microsoft Sway.

Do you find the Group Cards option in Sway very useful? But you may have already added a bunch of Picture Cards and formatted them as required! Not to worry. A Group Card is just a group of your regular Cards in Sway, and you can take a bunch of your selected Picture Cards, and place them all within a new Group Card, as explained on this page:

  1. Open a Sway that already has several Picture Cards. Or if you do not want to take chances, with your existing Sways, you can create a new Sway and insert Picture Cards and some other Cards. In Figure 1 below you can see a Sway with Text, Picture and Video cards.

  2. Figure 1: Sway with several Cards
  3. Select the Cards that you want to combine as a Group Card. To do so, first select the Card Selection check-box (highlighted in red within Figure 1, above) within the individual Cards. In Figure 2, below you can see that we have selected four Cards (one Text Card, two Picture Cards, and one Video Card).

  4. Figure 2: Cards selected
  5. With the cards selected, click the Group option, in the last Card you selected, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 2, above. This will combine the selected cards into Automatic Group Card, as shown highlighted in red within Figure 3. You will also see the Group Type pane on the left, where you can change to another Group Card type. Do note though that the Group Cards available to you will depend upon what is contained within your Group. At times when you have mixed content, you may find that the only option available is the Automatic Group Card.

  6. Figure 3: Cards combined into Automatic group card
  7. If required, and also depending upon what Card types are part of the Group, you can change from one Group Card type to another.
  8. Also, once you have grouped your Cards, you can ungroup them into individual Cards again. To do that, select your Group Card and click the Ungroup option, highlighted in green within Figure 3, above. This option will break up your Group Card into individual Cards.