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Create Photo Album in PowerPoint 2010 for Windows

Learn how to create a photo album in PowerPoint 2010.

Author: Geetesh Bajaj

Product/Version: Microsoft PowerPoint 2010
OS: Microsoft Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8

Date Created: June 27th 2011
Last Updated: June 27th 2011

If you like to use many pictures in your PowerPoint presentations, then you’ll be glad to know that PowerPoint can import pictures in several formats – from the ubiquitous JPG to the ancient BMP. Whichever file format you use, importing tens or even hundreds of pictures into consecutive PowerPoint slides can be a chore – fortunately, the awesome Photo Album feature makes this task a simple affair -- follow these steps to create a Photo Album in PowerPoint 2010:

  1. It really does not matter if you use an existing presentation or even create a new one for a Photo Album since this feature always creates a new presentation anyway – so access the Insert tab of the Ribbon, then locate the Images group where you will find the Photo Album button. Click the downward arrow on the bottom half of this button to bring up a small menu. Choose the New Photo Album option, as shown in Figure 1.

    New Photo Album
    Figure 1: New Photo Album

  2. This opens the Photo Album dialog box that you see in Figure 2.

    Photo Album dialog box
    Figure 2: Photo Album dialog box

  3. Now click the ‘File/Disk….’ Button (highlighted in red in Figure 2 above), which opens the Insert New Pictures dialog box, as shown in Figure 3.

    Insert New Pictures dialog box
    Figure 3: Insert New Pictures dialog box

    Navigate to where your photos are, and select the desired pictures:

    • To select all pictures in your folder, press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+A.
    • To select adjacent pictures, click on the first picture, then press and hold the Shift key and select the last picture in the sequence.
    • To select multiple non-adjacent pictures, press and hold the Control key while clicking on each picture you want to insert.

    When the selection is made, click the Insert button.

  4. This will add the selected pictures in the Pictures in album list (highlighted in red in Figure 4) in the Photo Album dialog box.

    Pictures added in the Photo Album dialog box
    Figure 4: Pictures added in the Photo Album dialog box

  5. The Photo Album dialog box provides several options such as re-ordering the pictures, picture adjustments, picture layouts, and Themes. We cover all these aspects in separate tutorials (all linked from the bottom of this tutorial) -- for now, click the Create button to insert pictures.

  6. A separate presentation will be created for the Photo Album, as you can see in Figure 5.

    Pictures added in the Photo Album dialog box
    Figure 5: Photo Album in PowerPoint 2010

  7. Save your presentation.

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